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Mattresses and divan beds come in all shapes and sizes and a variety of different feels, from soft mattresses to medium firm and firm orthopaedic mattresses. So selecting the right mattress can be confusing when it comes to choosing the right spring, filling, cover and finish. We hope the information we provide will help you make the correct choice and enable you to have a perfect night’s sleep.

There are three types of springs to consider, at the heart of most mattresses is either a 12.5 Gauge open coil spring (Orthopaedic - medium to firm) or a 13.5 Gauge open coil spring (soft to medium) or a Pocket Sprung unit (Anti roll with orthopaedic benefits). All are available as 2ft6 small single, 3ft single, 4ft small double, 4ft6 double, 5ft kingsize and 6ft super king.

Open coil has been around the longest, and both consist of a series of metal coils. Although these are the cheapest type of spring it does not mean it is inadequate for the job, there are several things that manufacturers do that change an open coil spring from been a cheap budget mattress to a mattress that is going to offer you quality and affordability and a long life span. Firstly manufacturers add a rod wire edge to give the mattress edge support and durability. Rod wire edges come in different thicknesses (gauges) 4g, 5g, 6g, 7g, 8g, the higher the gauge the more side support is offered. Secondly is to tie the springs together using (butterfly clips). This creates a cheaper option than pocket sprung, with the same desired effect where the springs move up and down together within the sleeping area so when you move your partner does not. A typical double open coil mattress will have between 80 and 100 coils.

Pocket sprung is a more recently developed spring unit. It adapts the open coil concept but made with smaller spring coils that are inserted in to separate individual pockets which are all glued together to make one bonded unit. There are many types and this is all based on the spring count within the units, spring counts can start from as little as 400 and rise to 50.000 in a high end mattress. What a lot of retailers are not willing to disclose is that a double 3000 pocket sprung mattress will not have the same count as a kingsize 3000 pocket sprung mattress as the count is worked out from the largest unit supplied in that range, so a 3ft 3000 pocket mattress may only have 400 individual springs, where as the 6ft round mattress is the true 3000 count of pockets, even though this is practice and is very misleading it is adopted by 99.9% of retailers and manufacturers. When choosing a pocket mattress the more springs the smaller they become and layered, you will benefit from a higher count which will offer a anti roll system when you move around in bed and a finer adjustment to your body's shape. We sell several different pocket sprung mattresses and divan beds from various manufacturers around the UK if you would like to know more about the exact count on a particular mattress please feel to contact us.

When looking for a mattress you will come across the following.
  • 1, Soft mattresses = Soft spring and soft fillings
  • 2, Medium-Soft mattresses = Medium spring plus soft fillings
  • 3, Medium mattresses = Medium spring and medium fillings
  • 4, Medium-Firm mattresses = Medium spring plus orthopaedic fillings
  • 5, Firm mattresses = Orthopaedic spring (Sometimes a butterfly spring)plus orthopaedic fillings
  • 6, High loft mattresses = A large amount of fillings above the spring unit
  • 7, Micro Quilted mattresses = A layer of polyester, wool, latex etc... stitched / bonded to the cover using a variety of patterns.
  • 8, Deep Quilted mattresses = A thicker layer of polyester, wool, latex etc... stitched / bonded to the cover using a variety of patterns.
  • 9, Bonded mattresses = Bonded is a recent alternative to Coir features of a Pure Foam Mattress.
  • 10, Tufted mattresses = This is achieved by squashing the mattress using a tufting machine, then string is pushed threw the mattress with a tufting needle and either a soft tuft, woolen tuft or button attached to either side of the mattress knitting the spring, fillings and cover together, once tufted the tufting machine slowly releases the pressure allowing the mattress to expand. This will be done Several times depending on the size of mattress.
  • 11, Encapsulated mattresses = A pocket sprung unit wrapped in foam.
  • 12, Butterfly spring mattresses = Clips that bond a open coil spring together.
  • 13, Hand Stitched mattresses = Borders sewn to the spring unit.
  • 14, Simulated Stitch mattresses = Imitation hand stitched done by machine (Don't be fooled).
  • 15, Hard Pad mattresses = Padding clipped to the top and bottom of a open coil spring to stop the fillings collapsing into spring unit.
  • 16, Zip and Link mattresses = Two mattresses joined together with a zip. Ideal if you sleep better on a hard mattress and your partner prefers to sleep on a soft mattress.

We offer all the above options in each type of mattress with every filling possible. So you can see that there are a lot of choices regards springs and which you choose depends on what feel makes you comfortable when you sleep, and how much you wish to spend.

Fillings available, Polyester, Reflex Foam, Memory Foam, Latex Foam and Wool.

We have a huge range of cheap mattresses that will stand the test of time, please don't mistake our mattresses for the cheaper mattresses that are inferior on the market as we do have many years of experience. We have the cheapest and the best in comparable mattresses that you will find anywhere on the web or high street. We buy so many mattresses from all of our suppliers and because of our manufacturing background we get low prices time and time again and the money we save we always pass on to you.

Most of our mattresses are available for free next day delivery, they will be delivered as easy as saying 1,2,3. Please be aware this is not our only delivery service as we also offer a white glove service to the room of your choice these services are carried out via 2 outside delivery company's who are specialize in furniture home delivery, and have many years of experience. We deliver so many mattresses from all of our suppliers and because of this we can offer low prices and fast delivery time and time again.

In the 1920s Dunlop introduced a technology to produce vulcanized rubber EG: latex foam. foams of a similar nature are used in latex divan beds today "hence one of the leading brand names Dunlopillo".
In the 1970s latex foam divan beds was introduced to the general public as technology to mass produce synthetic foam rubber exceeded itself, enabling factories to manufacture affordable latex divan beds world wide, originally latex foam was only sold to British royalty.

We offer a wide range of latex foam divan beds available on open coil springs, pocket springs and orthopaedic springs, all of our latex divan beds are offered with an array of storage options and all come with the hallmarks of quality that are hand made in the UK. Our latex divan beds Start from as little as £199.99 for people who are working on a budget. All of our leading brands and styles have delivery options off "latex divan beds next day delivery" and our 2 man "latex divan beds delivered to the room of your choice". Our prices are sure to please, with the savings you can make. We are one of Europe’s online mattress, bed and furniture specialists.

Here is just a small selection of our most popular latex divan beds

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